Where East is Left.

East they say ….. go East. Well thats not necessarily the way we are used to hearing it in Western Canada, but many of us living here have come from the East. This year, 2020, is the Year that Mercury is in Retrograde, astrologically Mercury appear to spin in the opposite direction when we look at it from Earth( lots more going on here, feel free to check it out here). This is also the year that I have decided to Cycle from Edmonton to Halifax, then Cycle some of Iceland and then start riding in Norway and finish somewhere is Southern Europe. Some of these locations I lived at it my youth, so I in a sense, will be in retrograde mode.

A few years back I cycled the south from Banff Canada to Mexico on the Continental Divide route and it was a fantastic 39 day, 4400 km adventure, and after a few years of rest, and lots of planning, its time for another adventure.

I would like to invite you to follow along on this adventure. I will have a Spot Tracker, so click here to see my location and and checkout my posts.

I am also raising funds for Rotary International, you can donate directly here, link, or proceeds from purchased swag will go to Rotary.